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Last updated: February 26, 2021

Are you looking for a web hosting company? You are in luck as we have scoured the web for the popular web hosting services that feature a great combination of low cost and good customer service.

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Web hosting list updated on: February 26, 2021

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Top Web Hosting Companies

Online presence is crucial in the success of any business enterprise. To keep up with the demands of consumers, it is only right that a business entity creates an impressive online platform that can well guarantee continuity, more customers, and strategically outshine competitors. Of course, the task of updating from time to time carries a high level of significance, traffic and profits can only flow into a well-maintained web site. This is where outstanding web hosting services come in.

All of the web hosting providers that we have included on this list will definitely get you all the more motivated to finally start your web site or switch to a better hosting company that that can well support your business goals.

Web accessibility is now one of the most important tools that a business should utilize to attain success. The popularity and importance of the Internet have significantly increased in the past decade. Millions of people are now turning to the World Wide Web to retrieve useful information and for the acquisition of products and services. More and more favor online shopping as it offers speed, convenience, and savings to consumers. With its success, businesses are prompted to establish their web site to take advantage of online marketing.

In order to reel in customers and hopefully attain authority in their chosen niche, a business owner needs to develop an excellently-designed, user-friendly, and highly informative web site. In the world of online marketing, first impressions really do last and in order to sway in customers to purchase goods and continuously subscribe to your services, you will need an attractive and well-optimized web site up and about at all times.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting responds to the diverse and ever changing needs of consumers. It simply refers to an online service rendered to make a web site available at all times, thus attracting more customers as well as revenues for businesses that decide to create a strong online presence.

The number one purpose in taking advantage of the Internet is to guarantee that your company- its goals, mission, and products and services can be viewed by as many people at any one time. If want a large number of people to preview your offering, you need to make sure that your web site is also connected to the Internet 24/7/365. Web hosting makes it possible for online web sites to connect with potential subscribers and viewers through the Internet.

Typically, web hosting service providers offer space on their servers for their customers, to make it relatively easy for the general public to gain access to web sites that interest them the most. There are thousands of companies that offer web hosting services, but only a small percentage can actually deliver highly efficient and reliable hosting services. An excellent web hosting provider can assist you in establishing an online presence, web site building, development, maintenance, and administration, all a few clicks away.

Different types of Web Hosting

During the first few years after its inception, web hosting used to be very simple and straightforward. Technological advancements and the ever changing needs of consumers paved the way to the development of the different types of web hosting services, showcasing a variety of great features and meeting different types of budgets too. All of the web hosting services listed here are known to be excellent solutions, given that they are offered by a reputable web hosting company.

Shared Hosting – In a shared hosting environment, two or more customers share server space which means sharing the physical server and the software applications that are available within that server. Shared hosting is typically utilized by beginners or those who need an affordable web hosting service in place.

Reseller Hosting – With a reseller hosting service, a website owner rents out a portion of the disk space and bandwidth that he receives from a primary web hosting company to others who need web hosting services. In this case, a website owner functions as a hosting service provider to his own set of end users.

Although the tools and resources are shared in this reseller environment, end users are provided with their own individual panels, thus enabling them to manage their own website according to their own set of terms and preferences.

VPS Hosting – VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtualized server that resembles the dedicated server functions but in a physical shared hosting environment. It is therefore a product of combining the cost-efficient nature of shared hosting with the high-performance benefits delivered by dedicated web hosting services. VPS delivers excellence as it nicely bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Clients are given the freedom, independence, and flexibility of a dedicated web hosting plan but at an affordable price range such as that offered by shared web hosting plans.

Dedicated Server Hosting – In a dedicated server hosting platform, a customer is entitled to utilize an entire service to himself. This translates to faster and more efficient performance as clients make use of all available resources without having the need to share it with other website owners. Dedicated server hosting also offers a higher level of security than other web hosting types.

Web Hosting Providers

Web hosting companies provide consumers with worldwide unlimited and reliable access to your website on the internet. They are responsible for the provision of web servers and Internet connectivity which in turn allows website owners to present their brand, not only to their target market, but for anyone who is connected to the Internet.

Aside from providing the needed space through their web servers, web hosting providers offer a great deal of technical expertise in proper maintenance and administration of web servers. Reliable web hosting companies boast the capacity of addressing the physical needs of web servers such as the provision of storage space in regulated cooled environments. They are also responsible for the necessary hardware maintenance needed within the server facility. Lastly, web hosting companies perform the function of software maintenance as well as repairs and upgrades which guarantee that the website they serve are always accessible and available with minimal to zero interruptions.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Company is Crucial for Success

Not all web hosting companies are created equal. With this said, it is important for you to not only get the right type of web hosting plan but also work with a reliable web hosting company that can perform its functions with a high level of efficiency. Keep this in mind as you do research on web hosting companies for your website.

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